Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Buck Broke: Town Loser or Rough Diamond?

Bridget has finally saved up enough cash to build a proper shelter for herself she is a bit miffed at the loss of the great outdoors but relieved her snooty neighbours cant see her changing for her shower!

Bridget met a nice guy on a fishing expedition for some fertiliser for her plants. Buck Broke seemed a bit rough around the edges but at least he shared her taste in clothes! Bridget was always taught by her father to go for poor men. She would make her own way in the world and so will her children!

Feeling a little lonely in her tiny house she decided to take the plunge and invite him out for a meal at the place she works at least she can trust her colleagues to make it a nice evening for them. They had a little trouble finding each other at first but after a romantic meal the relatinship was very much taking off!

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