Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Married with Children! - Baby Ciara is born!

As Buck wasn't getting any younger the couple decided to tie the knot. They decided to get married at the beauty spot where they met a lovely little fishing hole called Lost Willow Pond. Bridget decided on Light Green for her wedding dress and let her hair down. The final touch was a pretty little green flower. She looked very pretty. Buck matched his jacket to her dress, a move Bridget wasn't to sure about but it seemed to make him happy, and combed his hair neatly. His family would hardly recognise him!

They had lovely wedding by the pond with all their family around them. Bridget was worried about how her new step daughter Susie would react but they got on really well although she acted bored when Bridget started praising her father, perhaps some bitterness still lingered about her poverty stricken upbringing in the trailer park.

Bridget assured Susie that Buck was trying his best to get on in his career and although he might be an elder before he finally achieved his dream he was well on the way to becoming a rock star!

When they got back to their little home Bridget asked Buck if they could try for a child. Buck wasn't sure but he agreed that they were in better position than he had been with his previous wife. In the morning Bridget didn't feel so good. Perhaps it was those hot dogs she pondered.

In a few days Bridget discovered she was pregnant she was so happy and clapped and cheered all day. Buck gave her a nice massage to ease her aching back. Lucky that he'd had practice with him being so flirty!

Mrs Grisby her boss and neighbour agreed to give her 4 days off for maternity leave. This gave Bridget plenty of time to renovate the house changing the large bathroom to a nursery and adding a smaller bathroom to the house. Buck got a promotion so Bridget used the money to buy an expensive crib for the new baby. Also she decided it would be nice for Buck and herself to have a master bedroom.

The baby came in the middle of dinner! Buck panicked liked mad and had to sit and eat some spaghetti to calm himself down then he rushed off to the hospital to be with Bridget.

Its a Girl! Hooray looks like Bridget has her heir! She couldn't choose to be lucky for now so she decided on Good and Artistic for traits. She named the baby Ciara an Irish name meaning 'Saint' Here she is as a toddler.

Love and Gardens: Buck Moves In!

Bridget summoned the courage to ask Buck to move in with her. He was going from a tiny trailer home to an even tinier 1 room house! Poor Buck! At least it means he can finally get a break from his two teenage kids from his previous marriage, Susie and Trigger, he should never have emulated his friend Don Lothario and got a girl knocked up accidently! Maybe in his new life with Bridget he can achieve his dream of being a rock and roll star! He set about raising some cash and his guitar skill by busking in the park.

Together Bridget and Buck worked hard to improve their surroundings. Buck was a bit scared of Bridget's Magical Gnome 'Chaobang' but a couple of good kicks made him feel better

Buck Broke: Town Loser or Rough Diamond?

Bridget has finally saved up enough cash to build a proper shelter for herself she is a bit miffed at the loss of the great outdoors but relieved her snooty neighbours cant see her changing for her shower!

Bridget met a nice guy on a fishing expedition for some fertiliser for her plants. Buck Broke seemed a bit rough around the edges but at least he shared her taste in clothes! Bridget was always taught by her father to go for poor men. She would make her own way in the world and so will her children!

Feeling a little lonely in her tiny house she decided to take the plunge and invite him out for a meal at the place she works at least she can trust her colleagues to make it a nice evening for them. They had a little trouble finding each other at first but after a romantic meal the relatinship was very much taking off!

Monday, 22 June 2009

New Beginnings! Bridget's First Day.

Hello and welcome to my legacy blog. This is the first legacy challenge I have attempted the rules can be found here. I got pretty carried away playing the first night and stayed up really late hehehe. I am attempting a maternity trait challenge.

Anyway! Here is my founder:
Her name is Bridget. It's an Irish name. This name means: Derived from the Irish name Brighid, meaning 'the high one' or 'strength.' Brighid was a mythological Celtic goddess of fire and poetry. This name has been used regularly in the British Isles since the 17th century. Suitable only for girls. It is a popular name.

The name O' Brien relates historically to one of Ireland's leading aristocratic families, the O Briens are primarily from Clare, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford.

Riverview is a long way from Tipperary! ;) The Irish theme follows through to my chosen family trait 'Lucky'! symbolised in the game by the shamrock a known irish symbol. Bridget's luck has already shone through in the game but more on that later.

As well as lucky she Loves the Outdoors is Family Orientated a Natural Cook and has a Green Thumb! Her favorites are the great british Fish and Chips, Indie Music and the colour Irish Green.

I moved her into Riverview. Her parents had left her with a large plot of land but very little money so Bridget had to make do with camping for the first few nights in her new home. She set up a makeshift wall so she could erect a toilet. She wasnt shy about going to the loo out in the open after all its her land and she will do what she wants! She loved being out in the open air and oddly her mood was much improved by having no house!

The first problem was food! Well one must prepare for the future! She went to town and after purchasing a couple of lettuce a tomato and an apple from the shops she went to inquire about a job in the nearby restaurant. She was soon with a job and a brighter future. Returning to her camp she planted her produce. Her tummy was rumbling a bit and looking at the local events she noticed that there was a neighboorhood grill- a - thon at the nearby fisheries. Yum! Hot Dogs!.

After arriving she met a very suave sim named Yuri. Bridget contemplated chatting him up but he looked far too rich for her tastes. An old lady sim started playing her guitar and Bridget had a good dance to cheer herself up.

Her cash flow was looking a bit low and Bridget was worried she wouldnt make it through the next day her plants where no where near mature and she wouldnt be going to work untill 3pm. She had heard about people collecting gems and rocks to sell for extra cash. Maybe she should try that she was after all especially lucky with these things. She had heard about a nearby abandoned mine, pretty creepy, but a big lass like Bridget wasnt going to be deterred by some wee beastie giving her the evils.

Her instinct and her bravery paid off big! Her first gem she identified as a Luminorious Gem!
It was worth 350! Simoleans. She gathered the rest of the rocks around the mine and then noticed a strange butterfly nearby in the twilight.

She came closer and it landed on her nose. After having a good giggle she sold the rare zebra butterfly for alot of cash!

What the! A cheeky lady bug had snuck it way into her pocket!!! She decided to keep him and name him Dougal after her father.

She could now afford a few more bits and bobs for her home HOORAY! Her lot was starting to look a little more respectable and the lack of walls didnt bother her she loved the outdoors!